PC Oliver Binns

Northamptonshire Police This hearing has taken place. ShowHide expired details. Date Wed 23rd Nov 2022 10:00am View on calendar Location Video conference The hearing is to be held in public. Officer(s) Former Constable (PC) Oliver Binns of Northamptonshire Police View officer Standards of professional behavior that have allegedly been breachedHonesty and integrityAuthority, respect and courtesyOrders… Continue reading PC Oliver Binns

PC Philip Heath

Former PC Philip Heath will answer allegations that he formed a sexual relationship with a victim of crime that he met though his duties and did not disclose the relationship until he was challenged about this

Sgt Karl Longhurst

PS Longhurst had been in a sexual relationship a female member of the public and had pursued this relationship following official police contact with her despite her vulnerabilities.

The officer also failed to report the relationship to the force in accordance with force policy.

Whilst the female was in custody PS Longhurst made inappropriate sexual comments to her.

PC Craig Beazley

In August 2016, whilst serving with GMP, PC Beazley attended to a report of a domestic incident involving Ms A and her ex-partner. It is alleged that PC Beazley continued to contact Ms A and a sexual relationship commenced. It is believed the officer abused his position for a sexual purpose.

Unnamed Officer

Has sex with a vulnerable member of the public whilst on duty

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