Misconduct Hearing For Former Special Constable Who Its Claimed Slashed Her Partners Car Tyre

On the 8th of March 2021, Avon and Somerset Constabulary will hold a Misconduct Hearing under the provisions of the Police
(Conduct) regulations 2020. This hearing will be heard virtually using Microsoft Teams.
It is alleged that Former SPC ‘X’ breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour as set out in Regulation 5 and Schedule 2 to the
Police (Conduct) Regulations 2020 in respect of Discreditable Conduct and Honesty and Integrity.
1. It is alleged that on 21 June 2020 SPC ‘X’ used a knife to puncture a car tyre.
This car tyre belonged to SPC’s ‘X’ partner at the time. This act was deliberate, done in anger to prevent SPC ‘X’ partner from
leaving home. This constituted criminal damage.
2. On 18 July 2020 SPC ‘X’ had a conversation with her colleague:
SPC ‘X’ asked her colleague if their body worn camera was off. This was in order to ascertain whether the conversation
with him would be recorded or not.
SPC ‘X’ said words, or words to the effect of “I slashed his tyre”. This was in reference to the incident of 21 June 2020;
SPC ‘X said word, or words to the effect of “you won’t tell anyone will you”.
The words above were in relation to the conversation SPC ‘X’ had had regarding the tyre puncture;
The words above were SPC ‘X’ asking / checking with her colleague that they would not report the incident. This was
The words above were SPC ‘X’ encouraging her colleague not to report the disclosure they had just made to him. This
was inappropriate.
3. SPC ‘X was interviewed on 14 October 2020. In that interview SPC ‘X’ stated that:
SPC ‘X’ could not remember whether she had punctured the tyre on 21 June 2020;
This was incorrect, in fact the SPC ‘X’ could recall what had occurred, as per SPC ‘X’s conversation with her colleague.
SPC ‘X’ stated that they could not recall the events of the evening on 21 June 2020 when in fact this was not accurate and
/ or true.
The statements above were dishonest.

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