Police constable 11345 Stephen Kerr To Face Misconduct

The case arises from an incident that occurred during the evening of 23 October 2019, whilst police constable Kerr was off-duty playing pool at the Dover Working Men’s club.
A domestic incident occurred between a male and a female which it is alleged police constable Kerr noticed.
It is alleged that whether on or off-duty, police constable Kerr should have taken such action to protect the female and/or to report the potential crime to the police.
On 24 October 2019, police constable Kerr provided a witness statement, which it is alleged, did not accurately record what he had witnessed and/or sought to downplay the seriousness of what he had witnessed.
It is alleged that the behaviour as outlined above has breached the following standards of professional behaviour
  • honesty and integrity
  • duties and responsibilities
  • discreditable conduct

It is further alleged that the breaches are individually and collectively so serious as to amount to gross misconduct and therefore if proven, justify dismissal.

Under normal circumstances misconduct hearings are open to the public to attend. However, in consideration of the increased health risk to members of the public due to COVID-19, the Chair has decided that public interest dictates that members of the public and media should be prevented from attending in person. Accredited members of the media will be permitted to attend via video-link, subject to conditions stipulated by the Chair, upon application by no later than 4pm on Monday 8 February 2021. It is expected that the findings of the panel, subject to any redactions deemed necessary, will be published on the force website after the conclusion of the hearing.
A reporting restriction has been imposed of no recording of the proceedings other than that for official purposes by Professional Standards.
The identity of victims and witnesses will be protected during the hearing as necessary.
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