Former Police Constable Olivia Lucas To Face Gross Misconduct Probe

Former Officer Lucas is alleged to have breached the Standards of Professional Standards in relation to Honesty and Integrity and Discreditable Conduct. On various dates between October 2018 and July 2019 it is alleged that the officer was dishonest and behaved in a manner likely to bring discredit on the police service in that:

  • She was dishonest to colleagues/supervisors about having a medical condition and receiving treatment at a specialist hospital.
  • She sent a member of the public, a retired police officer, a copy of a fabricated CCJ adversely implicating another serving officer whom she knew.
  • She sent the same member of public a surveillance log that was purportedly from ‘Imperial Security’ showing another serving officer whom she knew being surveilled whilst off duty when that log was a fabrication.
  • She had composed false messages purporting to come from an officer within the Professional Standards Department, and provided the same member of public with a number of screenshots of those messages adversely (and falsely) implicating innocent serving officers.
  • She dishonestly told the member of public that she had received a number of offensive / threatening messages from various serving officers when in fact she had composed them herself either in manuscript or using an application on her mobile phone.

It is alleged that this conduct amounts to Gross Misconduct.

Hampshire Constabulary
  • Stats since 1st January 2022
  • 14 Misconduct Hearings
    93% held in public