Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command Officer PC Stephen Potts To Misconduct Hearing

Police Constable Stephen Potts, based within the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command, will answer allegations that his conduct amounted to breaches of the Standards of Professional Behaviour, in respect of:

• Honesty & Integrity
• Discreditable Conduct

It is alleged that on 22 December 2019, whilst off duty, PC Potts was observed by members of the public behaving in a suspicious manner in a residential street in Hemel Hempstead. Police were called and after a short foot chase, a discarded backpack was found containing several items consistent with someone going equipped for theft, leading to the arrest of PC Potts who had been detained in the vicinity. It is further alleged that PC Potts had the backpack in his possession, and was subsequently dishonest about his actions on the night.

It is alleged that in doing so PC Potts has breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour in respect of Honesty & Integrity and Discreditable Conduct.

The hearing will start on Wednesday 17 February 2021 and is listed for a maximum of three days.

The hearing will be held remotely. The identity of victims/witnesses will be protected during the hearing as appropriate.

Due to the exceptional circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic it is necessary to hold the hearing in private.

An update will be published on the conclusion of the hearing.

Metropolitan Police Service
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    89% held in public

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS / "the Met") is the territorial police force responsible for law enforcement in Greater London, excluding the square mile of the City of London which is the responsibility of the City of London Police.

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