PC William Reeves Outcome

Outcome published Wed 27th Jul 2022

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Standards of professional behavior that have allegedly been breached

  • Authority, respect and courtesy
  • Conduct

Allegations Proven

  • Authority, respect and courtesy
  • Conduct

Sanction: Resigned


Alleged Conduct

1. At all material times you were a probationary constable studying at Essex Police College (“EPC”).

2. You behaved in the following way towards PC 8:-

(a) On 11th June 2021 you said she looked like a [redacted] rocket”. You said this again after she had asked you not to do so because it made her feel uncomfortable.

(b) On 25th June 2021 you whispered in her ear “You look [redacted] gorgeous”. 2 minutes later you whispered “No. serious though. You look [redacted] stunning. Tobes is one lucky guy”.

She asked you to stop making such comments but you continued.

(c) On 9th August 2021 you:-

(i) Approached her and whilst asking if she was OK you stroked the back of her neck.

(ii) Asked her to look at something on your computer screen and beckoned her over with 2 fingers. When she approached, you said in a suggestive manner and a wink and a hand gesture “Oh look. I just made you come with 2 fingers”.

3. You behaved in the following way towards PC W:-

(a) You regularly parked your car next to hers and would wait for her when she was leaving EPC.

(b) Prior to a social event you said that you had booked a hotel room because she would be really drunk and you may get to sleep with her.

(c) You sent her a message offering to polish her boots and when she replied that someone else was doing it you slammed your phone down and said “Just redacted] off and die then you [redacted]. ”

4. On 19th June 2021 whilst in Nandos in Chelmsford with other students a man brushed past you and you shouted at him ‘[redacted] off you [redacted]”.

5. You often spoke objectively about another female student and stated that you would “Definitely [redacted] her”. When asked if she would have any say about it you replied “It doesn’t matter does it.”



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