PC Harry Sarker. Accelerated Misconduct Hearing Outcome

Outcome published Wed 24th Aug 2022, 10 working days after the hearing ended

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Standards of professional behavior that have allegedly been breached

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Conduct

Allegations Proven

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Conduct

Sanction: Resigned



I have reviewed this case following the College of Policing’s Guidance on Outcomes in Police
Misconduct Hearings.
The Police Conduct Regime exists to maintain the confidence in and the reputation of the police
service, uphold high standards in policing and deter misconduct and protect the public.
In assessing sanction the guidance asks panels:
To assess the seriousness of the misconduct, keep in mind the purpose of imposing sanctions,
and choose the sanction which fulfils that purpose for the seriousness of the conduct in question.
In assessing seriousness, I have looked first at the officer’s culpability.
The case concerns a protracted period where the officer created a fictional relationship where the
other party was suffering from cancer and died. This enabled supervisors to allow enhanced
flexibility in his working. These untruths where repeated and developed over a sustained period of
The college of policing guidance is very clear that honesty and integrity are fundamental
requirements for a police officer. Whilst this case is not one that has compromised an investigation
or involves the officer using powers in bad faith it is more than a small irregularity. Given it concerns
a lie relating to the serious illness or death of a partner that was perpetuated for a considerable
period to a team and special allowances were created it is raises worrying character traits. The public
would not expect this from an officer and would be concerned over the obvious odious nature of
such a misrepresentation.
I do feel that there are some aggravating factors. This was a regular and repeated behaviour over a
substantial period of time. It was a significant abuse of trust of colleagues and supervisors.
I can see no obvious mitigation or reason to excuse this behaviour.
In all the circumstances I can see no other sanction suitable other than that Ex PC Sarker would have
been dismissed without notice if he had been serving and is added to the barring register.

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