PC Christopher Bates – North West Command Unit (NW CU) Outcome

Outcome published Wed 5th Jan 2022


Constable (PC) Christopher Bates of Metropolitan Police Service

Allegations Proven

  • Confidentiality
  • Conduct

Sanction: Final Written Warning


PC Christopher Bates answered allegations that his conduct amounted to a breach of Standards of Professional Behaviour, in respect of:

Discreditable Conduct
It was alleged that, between the 1 April 2018 to 31 October 2019, PC Christopher Bates obtained and disclosed 20 images to his partner. These images were taken from MPS intelligence and crime reporting systems, and were passed on via What’s App not for a policing purpose.

It was alleged that in doing so PC Bates had breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour in respect of ‘Discreditable Conduct’ and ‘Confidentiality’. Further, this conduct was alleged to amount to gross misconduct.

The panel was chaired by independent Legally Qualified Chair Judith Gribble. The allegations were admitted at Gross Misconduct. The Officer received a final written warning.

Metropolitan Police Service
  • Stats since 1st January 2022
  • 95 Misconduct Hearings
    86% held in public

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS / "the Met") is the territorial police force responsible for law enforcement in Greater London, excluding the square mile of the City of London which is the responsibility of the City of London Police.

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