PC 1682 Christopher Groom Accelerated Misconduct Hearing Outcome

Outcome published Tue 26th Jul 2022, 6 working days after the hearing ended

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On 16th October 2021 the Force learnt that an internet user had in their possession multiple child sexual abuse images and had also accessed similar files. The user was the former officer. He was on sick leave at the time. On 16th December the former officer was arrested, and his electronic devices were searched. There were over 8000 images on one device. He was interviewed. The former officer provided a prepared statement. He said that he had not purposely sought out any indecent images of children and was shocked that they were on his device. He downloaded games, music and lawful pornography but not anything of an unlawful nature. He refused to make any further comments during his interview.

On 12th January 2022 the former officer was interviewed again. He gave a further prepared statement. He maintained that he had not sought out indecent images of children. He stated that he had personal issues which had led to him using pornography as a mood elevator. He suggested that in October 2021 he had used Torrents to download bundles of pornography. He had not expected them to be of children and had deleted them as he had no wish for them to be on his computer or to access them. He refused to provide any further comments.


There were 8707 unique images. They were category C child sexual abuse material showing female children aged approximately 8 to 14 years in varying states of undress. An examination of the device showed searches through a web browser that does not track user’s activities. They included visits to a number of sites with images of children. There were searches from 2014 through to October 2021. Eraser had been used to erase data.


On 18th May 2022, the former officer appeared at Leeds Magistrates Court and pleaded Guilty to the offence stated in the allegation. On 14th June 2022 he was sentenced to an 18-month community order with 30 rehabilitation days, 150 hours of unpaid work and a sexual harm prevention order was imposed. The computer tower containing the images was destroyed.




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