Former Police Constable Nathan O’Hara 14145 Outcome

Outcome published Thu 6th Jan 2022



The officer admitted his behaviour in this case amounted to gross misconduct, however the purpose of misconduct proceedings includes maintaining public confidence in policing, for officers to uphold the highest standards of professional behaviour and to protect the public. The finding is on the balance of probabilities as directed, although the finding is also made at the higher standard of beyond reasonable doubt. There is no doubt in the behaviour, the court appearance, the guilty plea, or the sentencing of Mr O’Hara. O’Hara was arrested in July this year in relation to an offence of stalking. He was released on bail and arrested again in September on suspicion of witness intimidation. He was charged and remanded in custody.

He pleaded guilty at Westminster Magistrates Court in October this year to the stalking charge. His sentence included eight weeks in custody. The general position of these facts collectively are aggravating. His conviction alone is unacceptable for police officer behaviour. Taken in totality the finding can only be one of gross misconduct.

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