Detective constable Outcome

Outcome published Wed 23rd Feb 2022


Allegations Proven

  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Conduct
  • Challenging and reporting improper conduct

Sanction: Resigned


A former Leicestershire Police detective constable has been found to have committed gross misconduct following a hearing.

It had been alleged that in February 2021, the conduct of the former officer breached the standards of professional behaviour namely discreditable conduct, duties and responsibilities and failing to challenge/report in respect of his dealings with a female colleague.

This related to an allegation that the former officer had intimate and/or sexual relations with the colleague while on work premises and that he inappropriately engaged in sexual text conversation with her while on duty.

It was also alleged that on other occasions, while not on work premises, the former officer was aware that his colleague was on duty when they had intimate and/or sexual relations and that he failed to challenge and/or report his colleague’s on duty conduct.

Following a gross misconduct hearing last week, the panel found the allegations proven and that gross misconduct had been committed.

It was determined that the former officer would have been immediately dismissed had he not previously resigned.

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