Paul Staniforth.

Chief Superintendent Marc Budden, Chief Superintendent Mark Warrender and Chief Inspector Paul Staniforth.

North Wales Police

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Avon and Somerset Police, Valley Road, Portishead, Bristol, BS20 8JJ

Standards of professional behavior that have allegedly been breached: Honesty and integrity; Authority, respect and courtesy; Equality and diversity; Conduct; Challenging and reporting improper conduct

The three officers named above face allegations of gross misconduct, which are denied. The Appropriate Authority (AA) alleges breaches of the Standards of Professional Behaviour in nine categories, broken down for ease of reference: i. Inappropriate conversation with a more junior member of police staff at a police social event (all three officers) In breach of the Standards of Professional…

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North Wales Police
  • Stats since 1st January 2022
  • 6 Misconduct Hearings
    67% held in public

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