PC Christian Bolger Convicted Of Supplying Drugs to An Undercover Cop Would Have Been Sacked If He Had Not Resigned A Misconduct Hearing Has Decided

Christian Bolger
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A Greater Manchester Police officer who sold Steroids to an undercover officer on two separate occasions would have been sacked if he had not already resigned, an accelerated misconduct hearing chaired by Chief Constable Stephen Watson has decided.

PC Christian Bolger pleaded guilty to supplying Steroids which are Class C drugs to an undercover officer twice in 2020.

At Liverpool Crown Court on the 1st of March 2022 Bolger was sentenced to the 10-week suspended prison sentence which was reduced from 12 weeks on account of his guilty plea.

Despite being able to attend the misconduct hearing in person Bolger did not attend, and he was not represented by a solicitor or barrister. Sgt Bennet of the Police Federation told the hearing that despite having engaged with the officer and having told him the facility to make representations none had been forthcoming.

Chief constable Stephen Watson said in his judgment released on the force website that “Mr Bolger’s offending behaviour was quite obviously well beyond anything that can be tolerated in the service.” He continued “His conduct has rightly given rise to the ruination of his career and the loss of this reputation. Mr. Bolger has conclusively demonstrated his being totally unworthy to carry out the duties that the public entrusted to him.”

Christian Bolger’s name will also be added to the police barred list which will prevent him from working in law enforcement again