Perverted Cop PC Christopher Groom Found With 8000 Indecent Images Of Children On his Devices and Would Have Been Sacked If he Had Not Already Resigned Says CC Lisa Winward

A fast-tracked misconduct hearing has decided that North Yorkshire police officer PC Christopher Groom, who was found to have had over 8000 indecent images of children on his electrical devices, would have been sacked from the force if he had not already resigned prior to the hearing.

In the misconduct hearing chaired by North Yorkshire Police, Chief Constable Lisa Winward heard that in October 2021 North Yorkshire police learned that an internet user had in their possession thousands of child sexual abuse images.

An investigation was carried out by the force, and the person who had the images was found to be PC Christopher Groom. The officer, who was on sick leave at the time, was arrested on the 16th of December and his electronic devices were searched.

Police found 8000 images of child sexual abuse on one device. When interviewed PC Groom provided a prepared statement that said he had not purposely sought out indecent images of children and that he was shocked that they were on his devices.

He told police that he downloaded games and music and lawful pornography but not anything of an unlawful nature.

In January 2022 he was interviewed again and gave another prepared statement in which he maintained that he had never sought out images of child sexual abuse, and said that he had personal issues which lead him to look for pornography to lift his mood.

He told police that he had used Torrents to download bundles of pornography and that he had not expected them to be children and that he had deleted them as he had no wish for them to be on his PC.

A full of examination of his PC found 8707 unique images of children which were category C child abuse material showing female children aged 8 to 14 years old in various stages of undress. There was also evidence that showed searches through a web browser that does not track users’ activities, this included a number of sites with images of children on there were searches from 2014 to October 2021.

On May 18th PC Groom appeared at Leeds magistrates court and pleaded guilty to the offenses and was sentenced to an 18-month community order with 30 rehabilitation days, 150 hours of unpaid work, and a sexual harm prevention order was imposed. The computer tower containing the images was destroyed.

CC Winward said “It is a serious matter for a police officer to download and have in their possession images of this type. Officers are meant to protect and safeguard children. It is totally inappropriate for them to have pictures that can only stem from the abuse and exploitation of children. The former officer’s actions were deliberate, and intentional and were committed over a lengthy period of about 7 years.”

The hearing decided that had PC Groom not already resigned from the force he would have been sacked. He will be added to the police barred list which will prevent him from working in law enforcement again.

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