Sgt Christopher Armstrong Sacked After Sexual Activity In Police Station Shower With Student Officer Whilst on Duty

A Police officer with 13yrs service with Greater Manchester Police has been dismissed without notice after engaging in sexual activity in a police station shower room with a student police officer who ended up taking sick leave and was diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

Sgt Christopher Armstrong, a tutor officer with Greater Manchester Police, was sacked after a misconduct hearing heard that he had met the female officer, referred to as Officer A, after meeting the student officer who was one year in service.

He sent Officer A a Facebook friend request which officer A accepted. They then began to send messages regularly to each other which over time became more sexual. Both officers sent intimate images of each other.

On the 18th of August 2022 Sgt Armstrong traveled to the home address of Officer A and they met outside. It was alleged by the Appropriate Authority that Sgt Armstrong tried to kiss Officer A, grabbed her and tried to grope her bottom, and put her in a bear hug. It was alleged that Officer A told him to get off at least 7 times and struggled to push him away until he let go.

Another incident took place at Middleton Police Station, after offering to give Officer A a tour of the Police station he took her into a shower room once in the room he locked the door both PC Armstrong and the officer began consensually kissing.

The panel heard that in the shower room non consensual and unwanted activity took place. Sgt Armstong was accused of removing officers A’s bra and top, groping her breasts, laying on top of her, and grinding backward and forwards on top of her. Officer A said she felt unable to move or talk.

Sgt Armstrong was also accused of putting his hand between her legs and started rubbing, and was also accused of undoing the zip on her jeans.

The hearing heard that there were some discrepancies between both the officers’ versions of events, with the panel saying that Officer A is not an entirely reliable historian. The panel also had concerns about Sgt Armstrong’s evidence saying they found some of it implausible on important matters, and his evidence to the hearing was inconsistent with his written account.

Dismissing the officer without notice the panel said that simply neglecting duties is serious; doing so for sexual purposes is
worse; doing so with a degree of planning, while committing a separate breach of the standards with regard to respect of another officer, is worse still.

He has now been placed on the police barred list which will prevent him from working in law enforcement again.


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