Sgt Martin Sent And Received Obscene, Offensive, And Inappropriate Videos and Messages To Feel Good About Himself

A misconduct hearing has decided that Sgt Glynn Martin would have been sacked without notice if he had not already resigned from Greater Manchester Police ahead of his misconduct hearing.

The hearing heard that Glynn Martin joined GMP in 2003 and was promoted to sergeant in 2003

He received and sent videos of an obscene, offensive, and inappropriate nature between March 2017 when was Whatsapp was installed on his smartphone until the end of November 2017 when Lancashire police searched his home address

Examples of the some of the images that the officer had sent and received were an image showing a disabled person with sexually offensive content, a  video that showed extreme pornography, and adult males performing self-mutilation, sexually explicit violence on male genitalia, men and women engaged in bestiality, a man performing a sex act on a female who appeared to be unconscious, offensive content against a person with a severe disability, Images sadomasochism, another image contained Anti-Semitic content another was had graphic Islamophobic content,

Sgt Gynn said that in In 2017 I used WhatsApp compulsively. I sent and received many messages on WhatsApp. I
sent and received many images and videos on WhatsApp too.

This was part of my compulsion. I often received media on my phone and quickly sent it on to others usually individually rather than in a  group chat, in order to make them laugh, or to keep a conversation going, so that I felt wanted of good about myself for making someone laugh.

I accept that there were some images and videos that I forwarded which were obscene, distasteful and offensive and I am deeply ashamed of my actions