T/PS Coleman Accelerated Misconduct Hearing

British Transport Police

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Sergeant Coleman of British Transport Police View officer

Standards of professional behavior that have allegedly been breached

  • Orders and instructions
  • Fitness for work
  • Conduct

Circumstances of Alleged Breaches

It is alledged that T/PS Coleman on the 4th June 2022, whilst on duty as Custody Officer at Brewery Road Police Station, he was subject to testing under the “Substance Misuse Testing” policy which provided positive results for alcohol and cocaine and its metabolite, benzoylecgonine.

Due to these positive tests it is alleged that T/PS Coleman attended for duty on 4 June 2022 when unfit due to the influence of alcohol and/or a controlled drug, cocaine.

British Transport Police
  • Stats since 1st January 2022
  • 12 Misconduct Hearings
    92% held in public

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