PS Matt Manifold Misconduct Hearing

Northamptonshire Police

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Sergeant P1171 Matt Manifold of Northamptonshire Police View officer

Standards of professional behavior that have allegedly been breached

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Orders and instructions
  • Confidentiality
  • Conduct

Circumstances of Alleged Breaches

Between March 2021 and August 2021 PS Manifold’s conduct breached the standards of professional behaviour in respect of his dealings with confidential Force systems and colleagues around a series of incidents that were reported to Police about domestic abuse relating to a co-worker with whom he was in a personal relationship.


  1. PS Manifold is alleged to have misled colleagues about a personal relationship he had with a co-worker, in order to gain access to information about live police investigations, whilst purporting to be a request for information to assist in welfare support.
  2. PS Manifold accessed confidential Force systems and researched information retained on the NICHE computer system relating to the colleague with whom he was in a relationship, her former partner and another work colleague.
  3. PS Manifold attended an incident involving the co-worker who he was in a personal relationship with, this was contrary to advice from a senior officer not to get involved in any investigation involving this person and not to view anything on police systems relating to incidents or people involved. The officer failed to make any written record of any disclosures made or ensure that an independent officer took a report of those disclosures.  He also accessed the WEBSTORM incident on four occasions on that date.
  4. PS Manifold asked a PC to access and research the results of recent occurrences relating to the co-worker who he was in a personal relationship with, indicating that he was due to be updated by a DC. This implicitly represented that he was entitled to access this information in the course of his role, when he was not.

The particulars of misconduct are as follows:

  1. The access to information was unauthorised in that
    1. The officer did not have a legitimate policing purpose for conducting the research
    2. Further or in the alternative, the access was prohibited by the Northamptonshire Police Computer Misuse Policy
  2. PS Manifold failed to be open and honest in his dealings with a PC, or otherwise misused or exceeded his authority when he asked him to carry out research of occurrences in August 2021 and requiring him (by implication or otherwise) to report information to him that was contained on the occurrences.
  3. PS Manifold failed to be open and honest in his dealings with colleagues involved in investigations, by trying to obtain information under the pretext that he was providing management welfare. PS Manifold was not open and honest with them about the nature of his relationship with his co-worker. Further or in the alternative, he falsely represented that she was unaware of information about the investigation and that he was making the request on her behalf.
  4. PS Manifold’s attendance at the home address of a co-worker he was in a personal relationship with whilst on duty in August was inappropriate as
    1. He had been told by a senior officer in July not to involve himself in the investigation of suspected offences
    2. His attendance/involvement represented a fundamental conflict of interest to act as a police officer when he was/had been in a personal relationship with the person involved.
  5. PS Manifold failed to be open and honest in his dealings with the officers who attended the incident in August which would have enabled them or other officers to manage the incident and/or investigation appropriately.

This amounts to gross misconduct as:

  1. The unauthorised systems access was the deliberate commission of a prohibited act,
  2. the act was repeated over a range of dates
  3. as a result, PS Manifold accessed sensitive personal information relating to a recorded crime reported by a person with whom he was in a relationship.
  4. PS Manifold misled or sought to mislead colleagues to obtain information for his own purposes
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