PC Colin Gay Accelerated Misconduct Hearing

Staffordshire Police

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Constable (PC) Colin Gay of Staffordshire Police View officer

Standards of professional behavior that have allegedly been breached (No further information has been provided by the force about the alleged Standards of professional behavior which were breached.)

Circumstances of Alleged Breaches

Between 08:30 and 09:00 an incident took place on the small driveway off
A521 UTTOXETER ROAD for the Library that leads up to BLYTHE BRIDGE
HIGH SCHOOL. The incident was witnessed by 2 staff members and at least
2 parents. The incident involved an off duty police officer, PC 4738 Colin GAY
and a student of the high school aged 15 years. The student had been
crossing the drive and walked in front of the vehicle belonging to PC Gay
which had come to a stop. PC GAY sounded the horn of the vehicle and a
verbal altercation has taken place between both parties. PC GAY has exited
the vehicle and approached the student. A further altercation has taken place
and PC GAY took hold of the student by the jacket around the breast and
moved him back several paces before putting him over a small low wall,
leaving him lying almost horizontal. At this point two teachers of the High
School Teacher A & Teacher B have approached and separated both parties.
Teacher B has removed the student taking him into the school and Teacher A
has spoken with GAY.

The independent witnesses describe PC GAY as the aggressor. On interview
PC GAY justifies his actions as lawful and proportionate. He was charged with
Common Assault.

Staffordshire Police
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