PC Pasisz Misconduct Hearing

West Midlands Police

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Constable (PC) 24886 Pasisz of West Midlands Police View officer

Standards of professional behavior that have allegedly been breached

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Conduct

Circumstances of Alleged Breaches

On 12th and 13th June 2021 former PC Pasisz drove her vehicle to work when being the holder of a provisional driving licence only, unaccompanied by a qualified driver and without being insured to drive it.

When a colleague of former PC Pasisz who had seen her driving on 12th June, queried with her whether she had passed her driving test, former PC Pasisz attempted to dissuade her from reporting the matter.

When former PC Pasisz’s tutor, who had observed she had driven herself to work on 13th June 2021, queried whether she had passed her test, former PC Pasisz falsely informed him that she had.

When former PC Pasisz was confronted by her supervisor regarding having been seen driving unaccompanied on 13th June 2021, whilst former PC Pasisz admitted having driven unaccompanied and without insurance on that occasion, she falsely informed her supervisor that was the only occasion she had done so.

On 16th September 2021 former PC Pasisz pleaded guilty and was convicted at Birmingham Magistrates Court of driving other than in accordance with the conditions of her driving licence and without being insured to drive on the 12th and 13 June 2021 and was dealt with by way of fine, penalty points and disqualified from driving for six months.

West Midlands Police
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