PC Amir Gulzar Misconduct Hearing

Hertfordshire Constabulary

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Constable 2356 Amir Gulzar of Hertfordshire Constabulary

Standards of professional behavior that have allegedly been breached

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Authority, respect and courtesy
  • Conduct

Circumstances of Alleged Breaches

In the summer of 2019, the Officer engaged in unsolicited contact via Instagram with a female, Miss B aged 23, he had met in the course of his duties. Miss B worked at Luton Airport. The Officer paid Miss B a lot of compliments. He knew her full name. This made her feel uncomfortable as she had not told it to him.

The Officer found Miss B on Instagram and began to send her messages. Miss B felt this was inappropriate as they were not friends and there was a significant age difference between them. The Officer’s role made Miss B feel uncomfortable as she did not know what to do and she did not want to create any issues.
Eventually, Miss B reported the matter to her manager Miss C. Miss C had also received messages from the Officer complimenting her on her appearance and she too felt uncomfortable with the Officer and both Miss B and Miss C then took steps to avoid him. Miss B made a complaint to another officer that resulted in the Officer having a one to one with a Police Sergeant on 18 September 2019. In the course of that one to one the Officer was told that:
(i) The complaint had been made.
(ii) The complainant had been advised to ‘block’ you.
(iii) The police need to always maintain a professional relationship with their partner agencies and to ensure that they feel confident that the police are there to keep them safe and secure.Thereafter Miss B would hide in the office to avoid the Officer.On 26 October 2019, the Officer sent Miss D’s name from his work mobile phone to his personal mobile phone.On 7 November 2019, the Officer sent four Snapchat friend requests to individuals called ‘Miss D’. None of these were the Miss D that worked at Luton Airport.

Miss D considers that the Officer would go out of his way to approach her and to stand next to her. He made her feel uncomfortable.

On 14 February 2020, Valentine’s Day, the Officer approached Miss D, who was 19 years old, and asked her if she had any valentine’s day cards. She told the Officer that she had not. The Officer then said that a beautiful girl like Miss D should have received some. This made Miss D feel uncomfortable and creeped out.

In February 2020, Miss D received a series of highly sexualised messages via SnapChat. The person sending the messages said that they were in their forties and too old for Miss D. They also appeared to know when she was going to and from work. Miss D had previously told the Officer when her birthday was and what she was going to do to celebrate it. On her birthday she received SnapChat messages telling her to have a nice evening and that the sender liked it when she wore heels. As a result of the Officer’s behaviour towards her she believed that it may be the Officer sending her these messages.

Hertfordshire Constabulary
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Hertfordshire Constabulary is the territorial police force responsible for policing the county of Hertfordshire in England. Its headquarters is in Welwyn Garden City.

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