PC Anthony Spiteri

West Yorkshire Police

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Constable 1178 PC Anthony Spiteri of West Yorkshire Police

Standards of professional behavior that have allegedly been breached

  • Use of force
  • Duties and responsibilities

Circumstances of Alleged Breaches

On 04/12/2018, whilst on duty, PC Spiteri and a colleague attended at the Edgerton Hotel in Huddersfield. The officers were responding to a ‘999’ call which had been made by the receptionist at the Edgerton Hotel who was reporting an assault and threatening behaviour by a previous guest, Mr Villa. Mr Villa was subsequently arrested and began to offer resistance. A struggle ensued which resulted in PC Spiteri taking Mr Villa to the floor in order to restrain him

In this context the Appropriate Authority allege that PC Spiteri used excessive force as follows:

a) By deliberately applying a choke hold to Mr Villa’s neck. That technique carried a high risk of serious injury and should not have been used.
b) Whether or not the initial application of the choke hold was reasonable, it was held in place for too long.

It is further alleged that It is alleged that through the said conduct, PC Spiteri failed to be diligent in the exercise of his duties and responsibilities.

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