SPC Robyn Wilson Misconduct Hearing

Northamptonshire Police

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Special Constable Robyn Wilson of Northamptonshire Police View officer

Standards of professional behavior that have allegedly been breached

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Conduct

Circumstances of Alleged Breaches

It is alleged that the former officer concerned:

At the time was enrolled as a student at Northampton University completing a policing diploma qualification. She was also a special constable.

On July 3, 2021, she met with a Special Constable colleague and a Police Constable colleague at a public house where they had around three glasses of cider. She proceeded to tell them;

a) That she and Officer A had been spoken to by a Sergeant about an allegation that she and Officer A were in an intimate relationship, which both of them had denied.

b) That it was in fact correct that she and Officer A were in an intimate relationship and that (by implication) she had lied to the Sergeant;

c) That on a date unknown she was at her home address with Officer A whilst they were both on duty, and the two of them were having sex when Officer A was called on his radio to attend a grade one emergency incident;

d)That there were naked images on her phone of Officer A and that he and her had been sending these images to each other.

The statements that she made were false, but she intended the Special Constable colleague and/or Police Constable colleague to believe that they were true.

Northamptonshire Police
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