PC Molly Brett Cleared of Saying “all blacks are the same”

A misconduct hearing has found that the case against PC Molly Brett of Hertfordshire police was not proven

A misconduct hearing heard how Stevenage response officer PC Molly Brett 25 was allegedly heard to say whilst sitting with a group of people in a hotel who were discussing the recent incident in which GB team sprinter Bianca Williams and her partner Ricardo dos Santos were stopped and searched by the police in London on the 5th July 2020 that she “did not see anything wrong with the way they were treated.”

A witness told the hearing today that they were sat in the hotel bar on the 10th July 2020 in Lavenham Suffolk with their partner, when they allegedly overheard off-duty police officer PC Molly Brett say words to the effect of “We are trained to handcuff them and throw them over the bonnet. All blacks are the same- they drive round in flash cars as far as I’m concerned they’re all drug dealers. What do they expect.

Questioned by Guy Ladenburg, representing PC Brett, the witness admitted that they had been mistaken in their recollection of some events and timings  but there had been no doubt in there mind about the words the officer had used. The witness was accused by Mr Ladenburg of “picking up fag ends”  and picking up bits of a conversation whilst eavesdropping.

The witness was asked by the legally qualified chair Ms Jane Jones if they were alarmed or distressed by what had happened to which they responded “No. Everyone has got their own views; I’ve got my own views you don’t air them like like that in the middle of a hotel.”

Giving evidence PC Brett became visibly upset, and tears could be seen streaming down her face when questioned by her defence barrister who repeated the words it was alleged that she had used.

She said that she was not a racist also told the hearing that “my best friend is mixed race and I go to church every Sunday.”

Edward Pleeth suggested to her that she was downplaying the discussion of race during conversations with the people in her party surrounding the stop of Bianca Williams and her partner Ricardo De Santos, and that it was quite plain that she would have discussed the issue more extensively.

She told the hearing that she agreed that the Olympians Bianca Williams and her partner should have been handcuffed.

When asked by if police had intelligence that criminals are driving around in expensive cars committing criminal offences she said “yes”

It was put to her by barrister Edward Pleeth acting for the force who said “that in the context of a very relaxed conversation where you understood yourself to be in a private booth that you said something which I am sure you regret which in other circumstances you might not have said and that unfortunately for you, you now find yourself in a situation where it is just impossible to admit what you said as you would lose your job.”

PC Brett denied the allegations and the case was found not proven on Wednesday 17th of March 2021

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