In-Depth Data Collection

We collect and objectively publish extensive data on police misconduct, and the police misconduct disciplinary system.

Our datasets provide a wealth of information on police misconduct; misconduct hearings and outcomes; and police officers involved in criminality across all 43 police forces in England and Wales.

Some examples of the datasets we can provide are as follows:

  • Misconduct hearings: Types of hearing, alleged breaches, elements of breaches, whether they are held in public or private, how many days are set out for each
  • Misconduct outcomes: sanctions, pending outcomes
  • Officers: Hearings by rank, gender, officers facing criminal hearings
  • Transparency of forces with regard to whether hearings were held in public or private, whether or not the officers’ names and ranks were published, and other points of data.
  • Elements of the events that led to a misconduct or criminal hearing, such as whether or not the offence was sexual or violent in nature

With our in-depth data collection, which can be cross-referenced, we can help you gain valuable insights and comparisons, and an understanding of trends and patterns in police misconduct.

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