About Misconduct999

Misconduct999 holds the police to account by striving to put every misconduct hearing in one place. While other public sector misconduct tribunals are heard at a single location, each police hearing is run by the individual force. It means there are over 40 venues each with its own interpretations of the rules regarding media coverage. For too long this means police forces have not been properly scrutinised. Misconduct999 seeks to address that by becoming the only place you need to visit to get all the latest police misconduct news.

The full picture

We aim to get images of all those appearing before a misconduct hearing. Our team includes a former freelance cameraman who has provided images for all the major broadcasters in the UK  and so we know the importance of images in telling a story. We work hard to track down images of every officer whether it be from social media or at the hearing itself.

Frequent updates

We upload stories throughout the day, at any hour, seven days a week. We aim to offer the most comprehensive coverage possible of every force in England, Scotland, and Wales. Our sole focus is police misconduct hearings and we will not be side-tracked by other stories.

Easy access

There is no registration required to view stories and we refuse to install irritating pop-up adverts or data-capture requirements. We launched in May  2021 with a clear purpose to inform the public about police misconduct. We aim to deliver this in as simple to use format as possible.


Our articles are sourced from police forces, government organisations and practitioners involved with the criminal justice system, as well as our own research and sources.

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